Record is the mirror of the past. Hence it is the Archivist as well as all individuals to take proper care of their records. The records are crucial to hold us accountable to our past deeds and provide basis for future program and planning. History judges us by these records. “We must remember our past so we do not repeat it”-Desmond Tutu.

          The present Web Site is a documentary of Departmental activities. It contains the description of the various functions with the lists of holdings such as public record series, Private papers, Manuscripts, jail records, information about Freedom fighters, rare books and News Papers, important photographs etc. To promote historical research, efforts have been made to make the web site more informative, detailed and up to date for the benefit of research scholars and general public.

We hope this web site would be of immense help for knowing more about rich collection of records and the users will certainly make use of it.

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The main aim of the Government to establish the Department of Archives was primarily to acquire, service and preserve scientifically for posterity the most important public records of historical, administrative, political, economic, social and cultural value and to coordinate and guide all operations connected with the management of public records in respect of their administration, preservation and elimination with a view to ensure that the records of permanent value are not destroyed.

 The department also survey, acquire, service and preserve for posterity the valuable cultural heritage of the State such as manuscripts, private papers of Freedom Fighters/INA volunteers, eminent personalities/families, rare photographs and reference books.  To promote Historical Research and to arouse awareness towards preservation and maintenance of valuable Heritage, the department is performing a number of activities for the benefit of students of schools/ Colleges/Universities in the State such as Organizing  Exhibitions/Seminars, Quiz/painting competitions etc in the various Schools/Colleges/Universities and public places. These are the commitments towards the public which are being performed by the department of Archives.

Research material:

Archive is the only source for keeping an account of daily activities of the Government for posterity. It is on the basis of records only that Government plans can be chalked out successfully. Only Archives can provide original records to write history and find facts of the written history. The records are broadly of four categories: Public Records, Oriental Records, Manuscripts and Private Papers. These records throw light on the activities of the later Mughals, the East India Company and British Rule and the emergence and growth of the freedom struggle in Haryana. They also shed valuable light on our social, political, economic and cultural life. In addition, there is a rich collection of Private Papers and Manuscripts.