Like all Archives through out the world, Regional Archives, Hisar also provides research facilities to bona fide research scholars. Researchers from all over India and often from foreign countries come to the research room of this Archive. A good number of scholars have made use of records and library books in this Archive.

(Application Form for permission for consultation of public records)


The Director

Archives Department Haryana

4th Floor, B-Block, Sinchai Bhawan



I hereby apply for a Readerís card/or permission for admission to the Research Room of the Haryana State Archives for consultation of public records, private papers, microfilm and oral history typescripts, which have been thrown Ďopení to Research Scholars and are relevant to the subject of my research.


I promised to comply with the Departmental Historical Research Rules and conditions in force. My particulars are as under:

  1. Surname (in block capital letters):


  1. Name (in block capital letters):



  1. Nationality:


  1. Academic qualification:



  1. Profession:


  1. Institution where serving:


  1. Subject of Research:


  1. Institution Where registered:


  1. Degree for Which registered:


  1. Date of registration:


  1. When expected to be submitted:


  1. Permanent Address:


  1. Local Address:


  1. Recommended by(designation with seal or:

Copy of recommendation letter)



Place:                                                                                    Yours faithfully



(Application should be recommended either by the Professor/Reader of the university, where he/she is registered or by the Principal of a post graduate college or by the Head of the concerned research institution).