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Chief guest Sh. Kavi Raj Shibas, IPS,S.P. Hisar viewing  (1)
Chief guest Sh. v.Umashankar,IAS,D.C,Sirsa inaugurating exhi
Chief guest Smt. Deepti Umashankar, IAS,D.C. Hisar viewing e
O.P.Sheoran,IAS, D.C.Fatehabad inauguarting Archives Exhibit
Participants students in Seminar were given certificate of a
process of dusting
School students participating in painting competetion organi
seminar on Fredom Movement organized by the Archives Departm
Sh. Dhanender Kumar, IAS Commissioner Archives, Sh. S.K.Sark
Smt Asha Sharma,IAS,Commissioner looking Archives Exhibition
Students presenting a play on 1857 on the occasion of Archiv
Students seeing archives exhibition at Sirsa
visitors of archives