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Message from the Desk of Commissioner


                               R.R. Fuliya, IAS

            Regional Repository, Archives Department, Haryana, Hisar Division, Hisar has been undertaking a lot of measures for multidimensional development in all the fields of Archives in a big way.  A step further in this direction has been taken by the launch of the website of Hisar Archives on NIC’s Web Server.  Needless to say that website has been acknowledged as the best medium of information, dissemination and communication.  Websites are acting as a bridge between Government and citizens. 

          Keeping these  aspect in view, website of Hisar Archives has been designed to provide an international reach to Hisar Archives.  The website contains useful information about the holdings of Public record, Private Papers, Manuscripts, News Papers, Freedom Fighters, Library, Rare Books and Photographs alongwith other important and relevant information.

          I appreciate the extra efforts put in by Dr. R. K. Srivastava, Assistant Director, Archives Hisar Regional Repository in compiling the material, designing and developing the Hisar Archives website with the help of DIO, NIC, Hisar.  I also extend my gratitude to the team which devoted their valuable time in designing this informative website.

          I would request the users to make use of this website and also send their suggestions and views, if any, for further improvements in the website.


Commissioner  & Secretary to Government, Haryana, Archives Department, Chandigarh






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 Phateh Singh Dagar, IAS



Record is the mirror of the past. Hence it is the Archivist as well as all individuals to take proper care of their records. The records are crucial to hold us accountable to our past deeds and provide basis for future program and planning. History judges us by these records. “We must remember our past so we do not repeat it”-Desmond Tutu.


   The present Hisar Archives Website is a documentary of Departmental activities. It contains the description of the various functions with the lists of holdings such as public record series, Private Papers, Manuscripts, Jail Records, information about Freedom Fighters, Rare Books and News Papers, important Photographs etc. To promote historical research, efforts have been made to make the website more informative, detailed and up to date for the benefit of research scholars in particular and public in general.


I further appreciate and put on record the extra work done by Dr.R.K.Srivastava, Assistant Director Archives, Hisar Regional Archives in compiling the material, designing and developing the Hisar Archives website with the help of DIO, NIC, Hisar. I also extend my gratitude to the team which devoted their valuable time in designing the website. I hope this website would be of immense help for knowing more about rich collection of records in Hisar Archives and the users will certainly make use of it.


I shall be grateful for any comments, criticism or suggestions which the users may send to us to improve the Website. 


 Phateh Singh Dagar, IAS                                                                                                     

 Director Archives