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Higher Education

School List (Primary) District-HISAR

Middle        Secondary       Senior Secondary      

SR# Name of School Name of Sub-Division Boys/Girls Rural/Urban Name of CD Block
1. Ashrawan (G) Hisar Girls Rural Adampur
2. Bado Brahaman Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
3. Bado Ragran Hisar Boys Rural Adampur
4. Balak (G) Hisar Girls Rural Barwala
5. Basra Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-II
6. Bhagana (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-I
7. Bheri Akbarpur Hisar Boys Rural Uklana
8. Budak (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
9. Bure Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
10. Chirod (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
11. Chuli Khurd Hisar Boys Rural Adampur
12. Dahima Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
13. Dhamana Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
14. Dhani Garan Hisar Boys Rural Barwala
15. Dhani Mangali Surtia Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
16. Dhiktana Hansi Boys Rural Barwala
17. Dobhi (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
18. EBS, Hisar. Hisar Boys Urban Hisar-I
19. Faridpur Hisar Boys Rural Uklana
20. Fransi Hisar Boys Rural Agroha
21. Gandhi Nagar Mangali Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
22. Gangwa (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-I
23. Gawar (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
24. Harikot Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
25. Hasangarh G Hisar Girls Rural Barwala
26. Jakhod Khera (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
27. Kabrel (G) Hisar Girls Rural Adampur
28. Kallar Bhaini Hisar Boys Rural Uklana
29. Kandul Hisar Boys Rural Uklana
30. Khedar (G) Hisar Girls Rural Barwala
31. Kheri Barki Hisar Boys Rural Barwala
32. Khumba Khera Hansi Boys Rural Barwala
33. Kirara Hisar Boys Rural Agroha
34. KM Siswal Hisar Boys Rural Adampur
35. Kuleri (G) Hisar Girls Rural Agroha
36. L.Par Mandi Adampur (G Hisar Girls Rural Adampur
37. Lakhpul Hisar Boys Rural Adampur
38. Madanpura Hisar Boys Rural Uklana
39. Meerkan Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
40. Mehalsara Hisar Boys Rural Adampur
41. Mirzapur (G) Hansi Girls Rural Narnuand
42. MJS Kalwas (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar -II
43. Mohabbatpur (G) Hisar Girls Rural Adampur
44. Mothsar Hisar Boys Rural Adampur
45. Naya Gaon Hisar Boys Rural Barwala
46. Neoli Kalan (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
47. Niyana (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-I
48. No.3, Hisar Hisar Boys Urban Hisar-II
49. No.4, Hisar. Hisar Boys Urban Hisar-I
50. Payal Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
51. Peerwali Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-II
52. Sabarwas Hisar Boys Rural Agroha
53. Salambasti Mahavir.C Hisar Hisar Boys Urban Hisar-I
54. Sandol Hisar Girls Rural Agroha
55. Sarhera Hisar Girls Rural Barwala
56. Satrod Khurd (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-I
57. Sikarpur Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
58. Siswala (G) Hisar Girls Rural Hisar-II
59. Surelwala Hisar Boys Rural Uklana
60. Talwandi Badshahpur Hisar Boys Rural Hisar-I
61. TTC Hisar Hisar Boys Urban Hisar -II
62. Budana (G) Hansi Girls Rural Narnuand
63. Channot (G) Hansi Girls Rural Hansi-I
64. Depal (G) Hansi Girls Rural Hansi-I
65. Dhand Hisar Boys Rural Barwala
66. Dhani Kendu Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
67. Dhani Khan Bahadur Hisar Boys Rural Barwala
68. Dhani Kumaharan Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
69. Dhani Pal Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
70. Dhani Raju Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
71. Dharmashala Umra (G) Hansi Girls Rural Hansi-I
72. DS Colony Hansi Hansi Boys Urban Hansi-I
73. Gamra Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
74. Jaggabara Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
75. Jitpura Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-II
76. Kagsar Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
77. Kanwari (G) Hansi Girls Rural Hansi-I
78. Kapro (G) Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
79. Kinner Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
80. Koth Khurd(G) Hansi Girls Rural Narnuand
81. Kutubpur Hansi Boys Rural Hansi-I
82. Madha Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
83. Panghal Hansi Boys Rural Barwala
84. Rajpura Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
85. Rakhi Khas Hansi Boys Rural Narnuand
86. Sandlana Hansi Boys Rural Barwala
87. Sarsana Hansi Boys Rural Barwala
88. Sotha Hisar Girls Boys Barwala
89. Sulchani Hisar Boys Rural Barwala